Hot Water Heater Services

It is easy to take hot water for granted in your home…until it is gone! Lukewarm showers, cold water for laundry and rusty-looking             water for cleaning dishes are all signs that your hot water heater is on the blink. And if you experience water leaks or mineral build             up around your hot water heater, it’s definitely time for a replacement. The average life of a tradition water heater is 13 years if                   properly maintained.
The certified technicians at COMFORT GURUS can usually respond immediately to hot water heater failure calls. Emergency water               heater replacement can be done the same day.
The first step is to completely shut off the offending hot water heater by turning off the gas supply and water inlet valves to prevent           damage to your home. Then we can determine the best course of action for a replacement. We can provide you with advice on                   advantages and disadvantage of all options for your home.  

           Most people use tanks to keep their water hot. There’s a good reason for that – having a supply on hand ensures you have all the                hot water you need regardless of how many faucets you have running. If you need a replacement tank or want to upgrade to a                    larger model we have a variety of options we can install to suit your home and your needs.

           Before installing a conventional gas or electric water heater, it is important to understand the key elements that affect convenience            and energy costs.

Conventional Water Heaters

1 - Capacity

2 - Efficiency

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          Tankless water heaters provide the highest level of efficiency among all water heater configurations. Unlike traditional storage tank             models that include a thermostat to continuously maintain a set temperature in a standing volume of water, tankless water heaters           only consume energy when activated. When choosing a tankless water heater, proper unit sizing is extremely important. The                       professionals at Comfort Gurus will ensure your unit has sufficient capacity regardless of the immediate demand.

          Some of the Features and benefits of a Tankless water heater includes:

  • Endless Hot Water
  • Energy Savings
  • Longer Lifespan
  • Fresher Water
  • Takes Up Less Space
  • No Tank to Leak

Tankless water Heaters

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           We Service & Install all brands of Hot Water Heaters, including:


       Don’t wait until a damaged hot water heater floods your home. If you are                  experiencing problems with your hot water, please contact the hot water                  heater experts at COMFORT GURUS to schedule a service call.

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