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Anything less than perfect performance from your cooling system is unacceptable. Even minor issues impact your everyday life, causing discomfort, aggravation, and higher running costs. There’s also the risk of property damage, degraded air quality, and complete system failure. For quality solutions to every type of difficulty, with any brand of equipment, contact the fully licensed, insured, and certified team of COMFORT GURUS. We work to more exacting standards than our competitors, ensuring prompt response, highly trained technicians, and a job completed to your satisfaction. We don’t rely on the temporary fix, but take the extra steps to ensure a properly working system that will hold up to severe weather and constant use. At the completion of service, we perform rigorous operational checks and conscientious clean up of the work area, leaving you with ideal comfort rather than damage and mess.

          ​ While many people outside of Canada think we are buried in snow all year, Ontario residents know that our summers can get                      sizzling hot. Air conditioning systems usually wait until the hottest days of the year to fizzle out, which can send you into a panic                  mode. We can identify the root problems behind your air conditioning malfunction the same day you call and provide solutions to              get your home cool and comfortable again. At COMFORT GURUS, our certified technicians provide the full spectrum of air                              conditioning services, including:

  • Diagnostics
  • Repair
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and service
  • Cleaning and optimization

Central AC

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          ​ COMFORT GURUS has brought on a new cooling unit called side discharge condenser unit. This new air conditioner, also called                    horizontal side discharge condenser, enables installation on a wide range of applications. For example, some home owners prefer              a unit which doesn’t take up too much space in their side, front or backyard due to limitations on space, or even looking for a                        quieter unit than the traditional central air conditioning systems. This is a unique air conditioner that works with your central hvac              system like a triditional AC but doesn't take up all that space. The side discharge air conditioner comes equipped with everything                you need, including the wall bracket and programmable thermostat.

          Advantages of horizontal side discharge condensing unit:

  • Slim attractive design – with a 2-ton unit just under 12.5” deep
  • Ultra quit operation – eg. 2 ton = 59 dB(A)
  • Unit cover is not required – due to side profile
  • Perfect for small spaces – and for stacking in multi-family housing
  • Can be installed anywhere – a standard central air conditioner is installed
  • Extremely competitive pricing – in caparison to conventional AC’s
  • Durable design – with a heavy gauge steel cabinet


Side Discharge AC

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          ​ No Ducts? - No Problem! 
           With a Ductless Air Conditioners & Heatpumps  you don't have to suffer, without heating or cooling,  just because your space                        doesn't have traditional ductwork system. The ductless Air conditioner & Heatpump is a stylish system that adds value to your                      home, is whisper quiet, and can be installed almost anywhere even when only certain rooms need heating or cooling. This                            system provides smart, flexible & efficient solutions.

          Ductless air conditioning advantages:

  • Eco Friendly & Energy Efficiency - environmentally-sound R410A puron refrigerant & upto 25 SEER efficient
  • Purifying Indoor Air – anti-allergen filters remove air borne allergy causing bacteria from indoor air
  • Programmable Remote Thermostat – exclusive smart WiFi control system, which allows you to automatically adjust and save your temperature settings
  • Troubleshooting Capable – with self-diagnostic feature
  • Super Quite Technology – you would hardly hear the unit working


Ductless AC & Heatpumps

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           We Service all brands of Air Conditioning units, including:




       If you are having problems with your air conditioning unit, please contact the          air conditioning experts at COMFORT GURUS for a diagnostic appointment.

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